2018 BCGA Scholarship Winners Announced

The BCGA is thrilled to announce the results of the 2018 scholarship competition. This was the second year of BCGA scholarships and we received 15 applications for the three available awards. All of the applications were very compelling. A panel of three BCGA directors came to a consensus on this year’s recipients. 

Many factors came together to allow us (The BC General Aviation Association) to offer these scholarships. 

1. Generous contributions by Erissa Yong & Dr. Harshbir Toor.
2. A strong and productive partnership with our affiliate organization The BC Aviation Council.

The recipients are being announced today August 8th and the awards will be officially presented at the BC Aviation Council’s Silver Wings Awards Gala on October 23rd. 

We wish to thank all those that applied for the awards and encourage those that did not apply and those that were not chosen this year to submit an application for the 2019 awards.

​2018 BCGA Scholarship Winners

Erissa Yong BCGA Bursary  $1000
Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated dedication toward futhering general aviation
safety or has made a difference in the general aviation community.

This bursary is to be used to advance the qualifications or skills of the recipient in whatever
aviation field they may be in. 

(This is not limited to pilots and is open to those that are in aviation for personal pleasure or working toward a career in the field.)

2018 Recipient – Quintin Hergt

Victoria, BC

Sparky Imeson Memorial BCGA Bursary $1000
Awarded to a pilot who has demonstrated dedication toward futhering general aviation safety or has made a difference in the general aviation community.

This bursary is awarded to a pilot for the purpose of obtaining training to become more proficient in
mountain or off airport flying. It has been donated in memory of Sparky Imeson who authored books such as the Mountain Flying Bible and Taildragger Tactics. Sparky Imeson dedicated his life to teaching pilots to fly safely in the mountains and was a close friend of BCGA member and bursary donor Erissa Yong. Sparky gave a seminar on the topic at SFU in 2004.

2018 Recipient – Katie Cowley

Squamish, BC

Onkarbir Singh Toor Memorial BCGA Scholarship $1000
Awarded to a pilot or student pilot who has overcome adversity in his or her life. 

This award is to recognize the perseverance of a pilot or student pilot that has overcome adversity. The scholarship is to be used to further the recipients aviation education or flight training towards basic or advanced licenses or ratings.

2018 Recipient – Anne Stevens

Vanderhoof, BC

We wish to congratulate all of this years deserving recipients we are proud to be able to offer these award and thank all those that did apply for taking the time and hope that you will re-apply for next years awards.