Abbotsford Flying Club Wings & Wheels Report

Wings & Wheels 2016 Report

Tom, Keith and others had also improved the gate cross over area so much better than previous. I found another hole in the grass since so still needs some more work, but generally is much better. Also we leveled up the new band platform that Keith built.We had our best set-up ever for the 2016 Wings ‘n’ Wheels event. Steve and I worked through Friday on it in mostly good weather to rope off and shovel gravel. Used the pile that Gerry Crapo supplied and filled most of the holes and ruts in the grass area. A considerable improvement.

Sunday weather was even better than Friday’s. Sunny. Saturday, well not so much. It rained solid all day. Our brunch crew lead Bob Bryan along with Murray and Leanne adapted to Airshow mode using the meeting room for brunch with Courtney set at the corner.
Ken Wardstrom sent me this email Sunday and about sums up the event


Hi Ed
I just want to say thanks to you and the AFC crew for
putting on a wonderful event. I know it rained and all that
stuff but it was still a great event with a fantastic brunch
and the chance to talk to old friends and meet new ones.
Joan and I had a great time.
Thanks again.
Ken&Joan Wardstrom

We had quite a number of drive in guests from the airports around us including Langley, Boundry Bay and Chilliwack. So the inside program went well
Thank you to Bob Bryan and crew for the brunch, not just cooking but all the pot scrubbing and club house clean up. There were quite a number of members working both sides of the pass through window.

One thing we have to appreciate with this type of event, is how accommodating and adaptable our large clubhouse is. It really saved our event with everyone inside including Clark and the DC3. It went well especially with the live music.

Outside arrivals were slim. A black Corvette that was awarded Best Wheels was a man from Surrey. Turns out his wife had died that week and his friends were using our event to get him out of the house. Along with the Corvette, a collection of Japanese, German and British vehicles. Chris Palmer’s Land Rover and Chris Hibbert’s Jaguar.

Zero fly-in’s on the Wings side with solid IFR conditions. However Rene created a display on his own, with the Pacer squeezed between the trees, his black VW under wing one side and replica Porsche on the the other.

Rene received Best Wings for his aviation enthusiasm and contributions to the club. It occurred to me after that if he had brought out his pocket motorcycle that he could have filled all three classes. Devon Campbell with the KitFox, later in the day Chris with the Viking along with our two aircraft.
At 1PM there was $300 in fuel draws for participants, with Randy handling the draw. Steve spoke for the club then Mayor Braun for the City and making the engraved plaque Wings ‘n’ Wheels awards.
Our luck was the wettest day in an otherwise mostly dry May, possibly the wettest day of the year. That is the way it goes with dates. Considering the event we had in our clubhouse, some success.
Thanks to Heather on arrivals, Bob LeRoux air side and to all the members that helped.

​Ed Boon
Fly-In coordinator