Art Reitsma


What is your name?
Art Reitsma

What is your occupation?

What is your home airport?
Duncan (CAM3)

What year did you start flying?

Where did you learn to fly?
Victoria Flying Club

Why did you start flying?
Always wanted to learn since my first ride (Beaver on floats, CYYJ float base to YVR south side at 12 years old, 1966) and Air Cadets in ’68. Finally in a financial and time position to do it, with the blessing of SWMBO.

What airplane did you learn to fly in?
Cessna 172

What airplane do you fly now?
Not current, but will be VFC Cessna 172

What is your favorite kind of flying or place to fly to?
Sight seeing, introducing others to personal aviation, pie

What is your favorite feature on the BCGA website?
I usually follow the Facebook pages, will be the airports pages when I get back in the air

In a few words describe what the BCGA is to you:
Community, broad information source, advocacy

What other aviation organizations / clubs are you affiliated with?
Duncan Flying Club, Victoria Flying Club, EAA, COPA, AOPA
What is your favorite quote?
I rather wish I was up there, then be up there wishing I was down there.

Other interests:

Anything else you would like to share with your fellow members:
Currently working on restoring a ’67 Piel Emeraude CP-301. Minor woodwork, wiring and avionics upgrade, and fabric application. Looking forward to getting her into the air soon.