BC General Aviation Association is COPA Flight #194

The BC General Aviation Association is the latest organization to become a registered COPA flight.
COPA’s mission is to protect Personal Aviation and promote it as a valued, integral and sustainable part of the Canadian Community. This is closely aligned with The BCGA’s objective to promote safe and enjoyable flying throughout British Columbia. 

The BCGA works with individual pilots, flying clubs and COPA flights to promote camaraderie between pilots and to encourage British Columbia’s aviators to expand their horizons and explore new destinations.

As a registered society the BCGA has begun the process of acquiring tenureship rights to an abandoned airstrip on Crown land with the hopes of its members coming together to make it usable once again.

The BCGA welcomes all new members and is a great way to supplement your existing flying club membership. It is free to become a member of the BCGA as it is funded by voluntary member contributions.

The BCGA has members across British Columbia and its neighboring provinces and is lead by a board of directors that is diverse as the province itself and truly represents British Columbia’s pilots and their regionally specific needs. The BCGA looks forward to building a strong relationship with COPA, contributing to COPA for Kids and working with COPA on behalf of British Columbian pilots.  We are proud to be affiliated with COPA as Flight #194.