BCGA 2016 End of Year Letter

Dear BCGA Members,

As the year draws to a close we reflect on what was 2016. While it was a difficult and unpredictable year on the global stage it was a fantastic year for the BC General Aviation Association. 

In the past year the BCGA has grown to include 680 members and its associated Facebook group (BC General Aviation) hosts 1000 members. While the website is the core of the BCGA for official matters, the Facebook group has become a wealth of information and community unto itself. 

In the past year we have seen a community come together in the name of aviation. The BCGA hosts pilots, controllers and aircraft engineers all of whom bring their own experiences, opinions and expertise. The BCGA is as much about information sharing as it is about social gathering.

In 2016 as an association we have: 
Hosted a survival exercise,
Conducted Seminars,
Arranged tours of air traffic control facilities, and specialty aviation service providers,
Come together through social media and flight to locate missing aircraft,
Used social media to share our flying experiences and to learn from one another,
Fostered positive relationships and dialogue between pilots and air traffic controllers,
Supported charities,
Cleaned up airstrips,
Hosted Barbeques & fly-outs (both on and off airport,)
Promoted fly-ins and numerous aviation events for flying clubs and organizations province wide,
​Become a Registered Non-Profit,
Become a COPA Flight,
Become a BC Aviation Council Affiliate,
Started a Scholarship Program,

The BCGA would not exist without the support of its members and sponsors. We want to thank you for believing in this community and for doing you part to support general aviation in BC. As members, your engagement has been the motivating factor that drives the association leadership to continue to provide fresh and exciting content and activities. 

We look forward to many safe flights in 2017 and thank you for your support in 2016. 

Respectfully Yours, 
BCGA Leadership