BCGA Fly-Out / Hangar BBQ Update #1

Good Morning Everyone!

This email is going out to everyone that has RSVP’d to the Fly-Out and/or the Hangar BBQ on Saturday.

At this time we have 48 people RSVPd for the Fly-Out and 47 for the Hangar BBQ. There are a total of 23 aircraft that plan on landing on Vargas Island and 4 aircraft that will go as far as Tofino. 

Fly Out
We are monitoring the weather. So far it is looking like Saturday will be nice in the Lower Mainland but there is a chance of showers for the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Our first choice is to fly to Vargas Island but if weather does not allow for this our backup destinations in order of preference are:

1. Gillies Bay 
2. Pemberton
3. Merritt

We will send another email on Friday evening to those that RSVPd with an update and the final call will be made around 0630 on Saturday morning.

The Fly-Out Plan
Originally we said that we would all meet in Tofino. Due to the large number of aircraft attending we feel that it is unnecessary to cause chaos at Tofino airport only to all leave at the same time and fly to Vargas (11nm from Tofino).

The plan is that everyone will fly directly to Vargas Island and meet there around 10:00-10:30. 


Those of you that have indicated that you only want to go as far as Tofino and catch a ride to Vargas (6 people in 4 aircraft) should arrive in Tofino by 10:00am. 

Ryan and Rick will stop and pick up a few passengers and drop them off at Vargas then return for the rest of you. We will only be accommodating shuttles to Vargas for those that have already indicated that they need a ride via RSVP before 0000lcl March 25th. (If any other people can stop in YAZ and pick up 1 or 2 others please let us know. There are 6 people to move)

We will hopefully be able to light a fire at Vargas or any of the other destinations. If you wish to put a snack on the fire (Marshmallows, wieners etc…. please bring your own. 

We will depart around 1330 and return to the Lower Mainland.

The Hangar Party / BBQ Plan (Rain or Shine)
Once your aircraft is safely tucked in you are invited to join us for a Hangar Party / BBQ at the Pitt Meadows Airport (Hangar 45, Apron 5 / 18300 Ford Road Pitt Meadows).

If you are from out of town and plan on spending the night at the hangar you will be able to park your aircraft in front of the hangar (there are no tie downs). 

The BCGA will be providing some non-alcoholic beverages as well as hamburgers and hot dogs. Please feel free to bring something to share if you wish (not mandatory). Also, please bring any alcoholic beverages that you plan on drinking.

At the BBQ we will enjoy each others company, camaraderie, music and food. We will also be celebrating the BC General Aviation Association’s inaugural event as well as our new status as COPA Flight 194. 

Things To Bring to the Party

1. Yourselves.
2. An exaggerated story or two.
3. You own booze.
4. A camping chair
5. Something to share (Optional)
6. A few $$ for the BCGA fundraising box or for a BCGA T-Shirt or Hat (Optional)
    ( T-Shirts – $20   / Hats – $30)
7. If you plan on spending the night bring a ground mat, sleeping bag and a towel

We are really looking forward to seeing you all. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email

Next update expected Friday Evening.