BCGA Flyout Final Destination Gillies Bay (CYGB)

Good Morning All!

With an optional side fly-out to Vargas. 

We have been watching the weather and it looks like Vargas would have been doable. It also looks like the weather is going to come in very quickly this afternoon. While we wanted to go to Vargas this decision was made due to the sheer number of aircraft attending. We felt that if the weather came in, it would take too long to get 30+ aircraft off the ground leading to rushed judgement and decisions. 

This fly-out started as being about the destination. With the RSVPs we have received it has become more about the people than the destination.

Side Fly-Out
For those of you determined to go to Vargas you can still do so if you wish. A small side group might head to Vargas from YGB. 

Again, sorry that Vargas wasnt the final choice. We are confident that by going to Gillies Bay we can include more people with less stressing over weather etc..

Arriving into Gillies Bay
CFS: Texada / Gillies Bay CYGB(326’asl)
Frequency: 122.7
Runway: 14/32 (1.3% Upslope on Runway 32
Join Overhead at 1300′ and join downwind on the west side for landing.

More Info: Call 604-312-9900 

See you all there