BCGA Map Sharing With Emergency Services

The BC General Aviation Association is a registered not for profit society whose mission is to promote safe and enjoyable flying throughout British Columbia. Everything we do is aimed and furthering general aviation and aviation safety.
We are very proud to have an airstrip map available to our members. This map has been curated by us using information provided by our members in order to share local area knowledge of possible landing sites around British Columbia. Access to this map is a perk of membership which is free to those that sign up.
In the Canada Flight Supplement there are approximately 110 listed aerodromes for British Columbia. The BCGA Airstrip map has over 260 possible landing sites. Many of these sites are unimproved strips and may not in fact be useable but that is up to each individual pilot to determine.
We are happy to share this rich resource with you in the interest of furthering flight safety however we ask that the link to the map be kept confidential within the organizations that are using the map as a resource for purposes such as fire prevention, search and rescue and emergency management.
If an organization such as Nav Canada, PepAir, DND, Wildfire Service etc… is using this resource we ask that we are sent a courtesy email to
It is a pleasure to share this resource in the interest of flight safety. We encourage anyone involved in aviation in BC to become a BCGA member as it is free and it will enable us to better work together towards a common cause. Furthermore if you or any of the aforementioned organizations need to get information to a large captive group of pilots we are happy to assist.