BCGA Member Initiative To Map Restricted NOTAM Airspace

Anyone that has been flying around BC this summer knows that constantly changing NOTAMed restricted airspace due to forest fires has been an issue. BCGA member Chris Knight has taken the initiative to develop a prototype of a graphical “Temporary Flight Restriction” map depicting any NOTAMed restricted airspace. This depiction is still in the development stages and Chris is looking for any input that may help this become an even more valuable tool for pilots. This initiatives taken by individual pilots are integral to keeping the community safe through the sharing of information and is a key component to keeping general aviation safe and enjoyable! Thanks for taking the initiative Chris!

Chris’ Message on the BC General Aviation Facebook Page:

Because plotting NOTAMs can be a bit of a pain, and because there doesn’t seem to be a Canadian equivalent to the FAA’s “Graphic TFR” service (, I asked our internal intelligence team to put together a “Graphical TFR” report product on a “testing”/”beta” basis. I’d really appreciate feedback from the aviation community as to whether this is something worthwhile, and what improvements we could make to the product if we decided to maintain and disseminate it on a regular basis. Thanks!