BCGA Website Special Features Reminder…

Flight Sharing Calendar

This calendar can be used to allow members to connect and fly together. We hope that this will help strengthen our community and will also allow members to share experiences and learn from one another. The more our members list their upcoming flights on the calendar the more valuable of a resource this will become. 

Airstrip Map

There are approximately 110 aerodromes listed in the Canada Flight Supplement. The BCGA Airstrip Map has been built by BCGA members for BCGA members and includes over 270 Aerodromes, remote landing strips, abondoned airstrips, private airstrips and emergency landing sites. The map is constantly updated using PIREPS submitted by members.

Members Helping Members Directory

The MHM directory is a great way to connect with other BCGA members as you travel around the province. It is an opt-in directory meaning that you can be a member of the association and not share your information or you can choose to share with the other members and in return view the information of members that are also sharing. here are many benefits of the directory aside from just connecting with your fellow BCGA members. 

Trip Sheet Library

BCGA Trip Sheets are designed to give pilots access to quick reference information for planning flights. Together as a community we hold a lot of tribal knowledge and we aim to share this knowledge with one another. The trip sheet library will grow as members submit information about new trips.

Knowledge Bank

The BCGA Knowledge Bank is a place to deposit useful information for members to reference. These topics are frequently discussed topics and have been catalogued here for easy reference.