Boundary Bay & Lower Mainland Landing Fees (Dec21)

Early this morning it became known that Alpha Aviation the company that operates Boundary Bay Regional Airport introduced a landing fee of $25 for all transient aircraft using Boundary Bay Airport. The rumor quickly expanded to include Pitt Meadows, Abbotsford and Langley airports.

Today we spent the better part of the day on the telephone with members and airport managers to get to the bottom of the rumours.

We can confirm that Langley, Pitt Meadows and Abbotsford Airports ARE NOT charging landing fees to general aviation aircraft.

We spoke with the Boundary Bay Airport Manager who confirmed the $25 fee which would be waived with a minimum 50L fuel purchase or top up and for airport tenants. We discussed the implications of such a fee and the excessive cost to general aviation pilots. The fee would essentially put the Boundary Bay’s landing fee on par with Vancouver International Airport. It would also lead to lengthy delays for pilots as they wait their turn for a fuel top up. In our opinion this $25 landing fee sends a message that Boundary Bay Airport is not interested in general aviation. Not to mention the adverse effects on businesses at the airport the rely on aircraft flying in.

The Boundary Bay Airport manager has expressed that he has heard our points and those of COPA and other stakeholders and the proposed $25 landing fee will be put on hold pending further review by the board. The page on the ZBB website outlining fees has since been removed.

The BCGA is not a lobby group, our focus is to promote safe and enjoyable flying throughout British Columbia. We rely on COPA (Canadian Owners & Pilots Association)  to advocate on our behalf which is why we encourage every pilot in Canada to become a COPA member. Below this article you will find a letter that was sent to Boundary Bay Airport and Delta City council by COPA on all of its members’ behalf.

If you wish to express your thoughts on this matter directly to the management at Boundary Bay Airport you can contact them at . They are aware as the displeasure of the community so please keep your letters cordial and to the point.  

Furthermore you can also contact the Mayor of Delta at .

In an effort to quell rumors we have built a page for the BCGA website that outlines landing fees at common airports in British Columbia

UPDATE (December 22, 2017):
The landing fee has been put on hold and is under review after discussions with the local flying community and COPA.  (COPA ARTICLE)

Letter From COPA to Boundary Bay Airport