Brown Bag Fly-Out

Brown Bag Fly Outs – A socially-distanced picnic fly-out series.

Pack a picnic, load the lawn chairs…go flying!
BCGA and Flying BC thought it would be great to give pilots an opportunity to socialize in a responsible manner this summer, visit some under-used airports, and get to meet new friends! The idea is that you bring your own food and chairs, and we can all socialize with appropriate distance outdoors.

This is self-organized fun. There won’t be marshals or parking attendants or much else in the way of planning. We’ll start gathering at 11am and see where things go from there! Details will be added below as available.

We are currently working on finalizing the dates and venues for 2021.
– No food vendors on site. Pack in/pack out. Support the local airport and consider buying fuel.
– Maintain appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols – distancing required and masks if distancing not possible.
– Use good pilot decision making and airmanship principles.