Chilliwack Fly For Pie Coffee Shop Letter Writing Appeal

Dear Members,

Many of you know what has been going on at the Chilliwack airport for the past year. We are not going to get into details in this email and if you need more information please ask a friend. 

As a result of the goings on at the airport the Airport Coffee Shop (Yes the one that serves up our favorite pie) may be forced to close its doors by the end of this month. The only thing that we the general aviation community can do in support is to write letters to those that can do something. This will require dozens if not hundreds of letters in support of the Coffee Shop.

If you have a moment, please consider writing a letter stating the importance of the I Fly for Pie coffee shop to the community despite what is going on at Chilliwack. You can then send your letter to the following people. 

[email protected]                 Mayor Sharon Gaetz
[email protected]                  Councillor Chris Kloot
[email protected]                    Councillor Jason Lum
[email protected]                  Councillor Chuck Stam
[email protected]              Councillor Ken Popove
[email protected]                  Councillor Sue Attrill
[email protected]        Councillor Sam Waddington
[email protected]         BC Minister of Transport
[email protected]          Chilliwack MLA
[email protected]                       BC Premier
[email protected] Chilliwack/Hope MLA (he is a Mr.)

[email protected]               Chilliwack/Hope MP (C)
[email protected]           Minister of Transport (L)

[email protected]     Reporter-The Chilliwack Progress
[email protected]                           Global BC news  

The BC General Aviation Association made a decision at its inception to focus on the fun of flying and not get involved in politics. This is one of the few instances where the fun of flying and politics meet and we feel it necessary to provide you with the information to try and make a difference.