Double Check Your Pilot License Expiration Date

Seven years ago, Transport Canada changed the format of our pilot’s license from the old blue sheet of paper that never expired to the new passport looking Aviation Document Booklet that does expire.

The initial booklets had a 5 year expiration date but the newer ones are good for 10 years. It has been brought to our attention that some of our members were not aware that the booklets expire and the aviation doctors are not necessarily checking the validity of the book before putting the medical stamp on it.

We inqured with sources at Transport Canada and the unofficial word is that you sould cease flying if your booklet is expired until you apply for and receive a valid book. If you incur a CADOR while flying on an expired book the fines start at $1000.  (For clarification on this statement please see the first 2 comments below this article)

Please take a moment and check your Aviation Document and put a reminder in your calendar 3 months prior to the expiration date so that you dont get surprised.

Here is a link to the Transport Canada form to replace or renew your Aviation Document:

ADVICE: If you find that your booklet is expired do not fly, get it renewed as soon as possible and contact for some guidance.