Flight Chops is coming to the West Coast!

Flight Chops is coming to the West Coast!
Steve Thorne, host and creator of the popular YouTube channel Flight Chops is coming to town at the end of June/ Beginning of July.

He has reached out to the BCGA on Daniel Adair‘s recommendation to show him what aviation on the West Coast is all about. We plan on showing him a good time and welcoming him into our community.

Steve is looking for the quintessential West Coast aviation experience. We would love to hear any suggestions from you of what he should consider doing during his limited time out here. 

Some things that we are already working on are:
1. R44 Flight in the moutains with Brad
2. DHC2 Beaver Flight with Peter Grimm from Vancity Seaplanes
3. Gravel Bar Hopping 
4. Flight to Vargas Island
5. Delta Heritage Airpark Fly-In (July 2nd)

Please share some of your recommendations for Steve’s trip so that we can send him home with an experience to remember!

Flight Chops: