Franks on The Fraser 2016 A Huge Success!

This year the “Gravel Bar Cowboys” (Ken, Rick, Brandon, Darcy and a few others) opened up their exclusive Franks on the Fraser gathering to other pilots who wanted to join them on a secluded gravel bar in the Fraser River near Chilliwack (CYCW) to have a bonfire and swap some stories. 

The weather forecast was for clear skies. At least 20 different pilots expressed an intention of showing up to the gathering. Despite a near perfect forecast, the morning brought dense fog for most of the Lower Mainland airports and high winds in the eastern valley near the meeting spot. 

By noon the fog began to clear and all of the airports except Pitt Meadows were in the clear. Twelve aircraft made it to the event, and partook in roasting a few wieners and telling a few stories of their own harrowing landings. Several other aircraft made cameo appearances with fly-bys after determining that the conditions were not consistent with their personal limitations particularity when it came to the wind and unprepared surface. It was encouraging to see these displays of airmanship and decision making ensuring that everyone made it home safely and due to fog, several members never left home at all. 

We look forward to seeing more people at the next event, perhaps if there is enough interest we can coordinate one for the summer!