Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the BC General Aviation Association (BCGA) a Registered Not For Profit Society?

Q: I am already a member of a flying club. Why would I join the BCGA?
The BC General Association is not meant to replace your local flying club. We are to work with the flying clubs across the province to cross-promote club events so members of different clubs come together at various events. We encourage you to be a member of both the BCGA and your local club.

Q: Is the BCGA just a Facebook group?
No, The BCGA is a registered not for profit society that is lead by an 8 member board of directors. The BCGA is the largest pilot’s association in British Columbia and the second largest in Canada. While the BCGA does have a Facebook Group the core of the association is on

Q: Is the BCGA the same as or related to the BC Pilots Association (BCPA)?
No,  The BCGA has no ties with the BC Pilots Association.

Q: How is the BCGA different from COPA or the EAA?
The BCGA is affiliated with COPA as Flight #194 and works closely with COPA toward common goals. As an organization the BCGA differs from these fine organizations in that it has a narrower focus and is dedicated to the needs of British Columbia’s Pilots. By narrowing our focus the BCGA is better able to to serve its members and the unique challenges they face while operating in the province we all know and love. With that said we work with any organization that shares our values and promotes general aviation as a whole.

Q: How is the BCGA different from the British Columbia Aviation Council?
The BC Aviation Council is an incredibly well respected organization in British Columbia and the BCGA is proud to be officially affiliated with them. The primary focus of the BCAC is to ensure that the Aviation industry in BC thrives and remains robust. The BC Aviation Council strongly supports the corporate side of B.C.’s aviation industry. The BCGA is focusing on supporting individual pilots and flying clubs. We believe that or mission supplements the work of the BCAC and helps to include all aviation interests in the province. Our primary focus is based on general and recreational aviation

Q: Why aren’t you charging a membership fee?
We believe that the most important part of any organization is the members. The BCGA does cost money to run and requires funds to tackle some of its ambitions goals. With this said we are strong believers that it is up to us to prove our value to you. We would much rather ask you to contribute
voluntarily if you wish to support our mission than to mandate a membership fee. If you like what we are doing and are in a position to contribute then we ask you to do so only if you feel you are benefiting from and enjoying what it is we are offering.

Q: How do you raise funds to pay for BCGA projects, events and initiatives?
1. Voluntary member contributions
2. As the footprint of the BCGA has grown by adding new members we have partnered with select corporate sponsors who are interested in promoting and advertising their products and services to an audience of motivated B.C. Aviators.

Q: Where will my contributions go?
The three most important things for the leadership are, Taking care of the member’s best interests, transparency and integrity. We have published a page in the “Members Only” sections of the website that outlines all the Association expenses as well as all of the contributions. The BCGA is run by pilots for pilots and the members have a right to know where their contributions are being spent. The association is run on a 100% volunteer basis. All directors work for no compensation. Our reward is seeing GA flourish in British Columbia. 

Q: Will my personal information be shared with corporate sponsors?
Absolutely not!

Q: When is the next big BCGA Flyout?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “When is the next big BCGA Fly-Out?”
There is no easy answer to this question because every good weather day with or without an organized event is potentially a BCGA fly-out day. 

A BCGA flyout is anytime two or more BCGA members get together to fly somewhere. They can fly together or separately to the chosen destination. Sometimes it is nice just to fly with a few close friends and sometimes you might want to use tools like the BC General Aviation Facebook Page to broadcast your intentions in hopes that other members join in and or meet you there. 

Fly-outs can be organized by any individual or club. All it takes is someone to invite others along to a destination. We encourage everyone to partake in organizing impromptu flyouts or flyouts with a little bit more notice. The BCGA is behind you 100% and will promote any aviation events or fly-outs with hopes that we can get people together doing what we all love most. As an organization we thrive on the initiative, excitement and motivation of our members.