Knight LLP Assists BCGA With Private Airstrip Access Program

Knight LLP is a law firm headed by BCGA member Christopher Knight. Chris is an avid pilot who lives in Calgary and uses his aircraft to travel around Western Canada on business and pleasure.  We are fortunate that his firm, Knight LLP has offered to assist the BCGA with the Private Airstrip Access Program(PAAP).

Knight LLP is currently working with BCGA director Ken Wardstrom to finalize some documents that will be used to alleviate some of the liability issues that make private airstrip owners wary of allowing visiting pilots to use their property. More information on this project will be made available as the pieces fall into place at the beginning of 2018.

The main purpose of this article is to recognize the work of Christopher and his team at Knight LLP. By taking on this project they are making a massive contribution to the BCGA and to the general aviation community as a whole. There is potential for this program to have a long lasting positive impact on the GA landscape in our province and potentially others in the future.

In the first few weeks of working with Knight LLP we have been blown away by their attention to detail and the level of commitment and attention that they have given this project. We are excited to see where this goes and are sincerely thankful for the work that Chris Knight and his team have and will be putting into this endeavour.