The BC General Aviation Association is a diverse community of aviators and other interesting people for whom aviation is an important part of their lives. The BCGA Featured Members Page is a way for us to get to know the individuals that make our community what it is. The featured members page is being launched on January 15th and will start with 5-10 member profiles. After the initial launch we will endeavor to feature a different member every week.

What is your occupation?
Retired this year. 20 years at Conair, then 30 years at BCIT
What is your home airport? 
What year did you start flying?
Where did you learn to fly?
CXXXWhy did you start flying?
At four years old, watched a 4 engine aircraft fly East down the Fraser River with my Dad. He muttered something about being crazy to get that far off the ground. He was never happy at any distance above the ground. I spent every year of my life trying to fly. By age 12 I had flown every kind of balsa aircraft I could find and was modifying the cylinders of my Cox engines. Air Cadets gave me my wings finally. Finally bought my first full-scale airplane at 30.What airplane did you learn to fly in?
PA28-140 and -160 

What airplane do you fly now?

What is your favorite kind of flying or place to fly to?
Cross Canada, all the western USA States, Temporary Duty let me fly my Aero Commander to Cold Lake Airforce Base to take CF-18 flight prep. At Conair, I got to fly A26, TBM, Aerostar, T210, T337, KIngAir, C421 on cross-country ferries. Even a bit of seat time in a DC6 returning from Mexico. Got paid as an AME, but got to play pilot once in a while too!. Now just happy to fly to see my Granddaughter on Van Island as often as I can!

What is your favorite feature on the BCGA website?
Learning what others do with their flying machines.

In a few words describe what the BCGA is to you:
A community of aviators to watch and listen to while we all fly over the best place on Earth!

What other aviation organizations / clubs are you affiliated with?
RCAF Reserve (Retired). Still flying model aircraft in a club I helped start in 1990, Maybe President for life if nobody else wants it! Pacific AME Association Past President, Vancouver Flying Club until last week! 

Do you have a business or work at a business that you would like other members to know about (Provide Name & Link):
Still active in aircraft maintenance after 50 years, but only if I feel like it! 
Still have an automotive Road Racing Team that’s crippled with the pandemic right now.

What is your favorite quote?
If its not fun, stop doing it!

Other interests:
Motorcycles, Racecars, Spaceflight, Education, Quality Assurance