Letter Form Magnes (COPA) Insurance Re: BC Fires

As individuals and communities in British Columbia battle intensive wildfires our thoughts and hopes continue to be for the safety of those affected as well as for all emergency personnel responding to this crisis.

In the interim we recognize that a number of current insureds may be affected by the threat of wildfire. In order to support our insureds in this time of crisis we are pleased to extend the following temporary
Emergency Policy Benefit for all current COPA GOLD and SILVER VIP insureds with physical damage coverage on their aircraft:


If a British Columbia Regional District issues an “Evacuation Order” which encompasses the
airport where the aircraft is principally based, the Insurer will reimburse the Insured for a portion
of the costs incurred by them to protect the scheduled aircraft subject to the following:

1. The aircraft must be relocated to other facilities that are designated and used for the
parking and storage of aircraft and which are at least 100 nautical miles away and
not under an evacuation order.

2. The coverage applies only to aircraft listed in Item 10 of the Policy Declarations.
The Insurer’s portion of the costs shall not exceed $500 of the amount incurred by the Insured to
relocated the aircraft for any one occurrence and in the aggregate during the policy period. The
costs include the hiring of a pilot who meets the requires of the policy. The Insured’s costs must
be properly receipted, documented and submitted to the Insurer for reimbursement.
“Evacuation Order” means a valid order issued by the Regional District to evacuate a specified
area and so noted on the EmergencyInfoBC website (https://www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/)

Current insureds who experience any claims may of course continue to contact us for prompt response totheir needs.

Finally, a number of airports may lie within areas threatened by wildfire. It is only prudent therefore that
we are issuing a moratorium on new physical damage coverage business for aircraft based at any airport
within located in the postal code areas of V0K (BC Interior) and V2G (Williams Lake), hereafter referred
to as the “affected area”. This moratorium also applies to the addition of new hull coverage to aircraft
located in the affected area currently insured for liability only.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update you on this stance frequently.