Looking An Reason To Fly? Better Consider “Plan B”!

Working and living in Prince Rupert, Dennis and Jane became tired of being cold and wet all the time. Dennis took advantage of an opportunity to work in the Maldives with Kenn Borek Air, and after a single week of wrenching on Twin Otters in the tropics, he called Jane and said, simply, “Pack”. 

During their time overseas in the Caribbean and the Middle East, Dash-8s were their main focus. Dennis worked as an engineer and supervisor, and Jane wrote technical manuals, handled logistics, and maintained paperwork and log books. 

provide a day’s notice if you want ‘great’ food, or a few hours’ notice if you’ll take what you get”

PictureBCGA Members Dennis & Jane

After twenty years of working overseas in commercial and military aviation support, Dennis Henschel and Jane Ludgate realized that small scale General Aviation was where they wanted to be. Both ex-Flight Service Specialists, with Dennis holding a commercial pilot’s license along with M1 & M2 AME license, they began searching for a new Canadian home via the internet.

They searched all over Canada, and in 2009 found Springhouse Airpark on satellite photos. Their new runway-side home was bought sight unseen, via the banks, the internet, and with fingers crossed. And so, ‘Plan B’ was born.

After returning to Canada in 2016 the two are now at home in Springhouse, where a 1946 Ercoupe is in the workshop waiting for its wings to be reattached, while the fuselage is being rebuilt. Dennis, essentially a small aircraft engineer before leaving the country, has a comprehensiveset of tools and diagnostic equipment for small aircraft and has become the ‘go-to’ guy in his part of the Cariboo for annual inspections, trouble-shooting, and on-site repair work.

As picturesque and friendly as Springhouse Airpark is, the closing of Lawrence Aviation drastically reduced the traffic; especially as there are no longer any places to eat, drink, or buy fuel. Nothing can be done about the fuel, but it’s only a short hop up to Williams Lake (CYWL). However lunch – or dinner – and a place to sit and enjoy the scenery are available again, between the runway and the lake.

Happily, Dennis and Jane are accomplished cooks! Learning about different cuisines has made both Dennis and Jane very capable and versatile in the kitchen. While Jane takes on the majority of the cooking, both are great hosts with a knack for making their guests comfortable.

‘Plan B’ is a 5-minute walk from the tie-downs at Springhouse (CAQ4) Airpark. Situated between the Airpark and Boitano Lake, right next to the dock, floatplanes can also visit.There are no PNR or PPR restrictions at the airfield or dock.

To reserve your great lunch at ‘Plan B’ please provide a day’s notice if you want ‘great’, or a few hours’ notice if you’ll take what you get (which will be good). Please let them know if you have strong food aversions (liver? mushrooms?) or have any dietary restrictions or allergies. ‘Plan B’ can serve lunch for up to 6 guests per day.

To make your lunch reservation you can call Dennis & Jane at: 250-398-9051

By: Dennis Henschel