The BC General Aviation Association is a diverse community of aviators and other interesting people for whom aviation is an important part of their lives. The BCGA Featured Members Page is a way for us to get to know the individuals that make our community what it is. The featured members page is being launched on January 15th and will start with 5-10 member profiles. After the initial launch we will endeavor to feature a different member every week.

Instagram Name (If Applicable):

What is your occupation?
Dairy Farmer

What is your home airport? 

What year did you start flying?

Where did you learn to fly?
PPL – Altair Aviation @ CYPK & CPL – Coastal Pacific @ CYXX

Why did you start flying?
After high school I thought I’d like to take a year off and possibly ride a motorcycle across Europe. My parents were not so cool with that and made sure I chose something in post secondary. Flight school seemed the way to go. I‘ve always had an interest in space and flight. I’m so glad I did even though I didn’t pursue flying after graduation. The training has taught me so many other skills. Now that I’ve dusted off my licence I’m also glad to have that solid background and training. Next up for me is Multi and IFR.

What airplane did you learn to fly in?
C150 for a bit, then mostly C172

What airplane do you fly now?
DA20 and C172

What is your favorite kind of flying or place to fly to?
My favourite is taking someone up for their first flight in a small plane and sharing in the thrill of flight.

What is your favorite feature on the BCGA website?
Airport restaurants?. I’m a fan of the $100 burger

In a few words describe what the BCGA is to you:
It’s been a great community with inspiring pictures and stories keeping flight fun and safe

Other interests:
Electronic repair – Open source hardware and software – Piano