May 14th Underwater Egress Training in Kamloops BCGA Discount


***50% Discount For Registered BCGA Members!***

We are excited to announce that Pro Aviation Safety Training will be offering an underwater egress course on Monday May 14th in Kamloops. Pro Aviation is offering a BCGA Member discount for this course and the limited open spots are first come first serve. Stay tuned as we have an exciting announcement coming soon about a special partnership between the BCGA and Pro Aviation.

Have you ever given thought to what you would do if you found yourself strapped-in, and upside down in a sinking aircraft? Imagine flying along on a nice warm day, the next moment, you are trapped inside an aircraft with cold water rushing in. It’s dark, you can’t breathe, and you start to panic. If you are not prepared chances of survival are dramatically reduced. 

Pro Aviation Safety Training Ltd. would like to offer BCGA members a unique opportunity to attend our Under Water Egress course.

May 14, 2018 in Kamloops 8:30am to 3:30pm
BCGA Registered Member & SAR Volunteer Cost is $200 (regular $400)+GST

to register call (604) 575-8689 

Check us out at