MEDIA RELEASE: Grand Forks Airport Day & Fly-In CANCELLED

The airport in the City of Grand Forks is a busy place these days. With the high amount of forest fire activity the airport is housing and providing fuel to firefighting aircraft and crews. The City is happy to be of service, but the higher than usual airport activity has triggered the cancellation of one of this summers most anticipated events.

The Airport Appreciation Day and Fly-In was supposed to take place on Sunday August 23rd, 2015, but has been cancelled. Organizer James Traynor is disappointed but supportive of the services the airport is able to provide and pleased that the City of Grand Forks is doing their part to help with the forest fires.

Currently, there are 10-15 helicopters in and out of the Grand Forks airport. Firefighting crews are working on the wild fires in Rock Creek, North Fork and Christina Lake/ Paulsen areas. City staff are encouraging recreational air traffic to limit their use of the Grand Forks Airport to ensure for a safe environment for wild fire management operations.

For media information, please contact:
Sarah Winton, Deputy Corporate Officer / Communications
(250) 442-8266