Mike Guiel


What is your name?
Mike Guiel

Instagram Name (If Applicable):

What is your occupation?
Property Manager

What is your home airport? 
Langley (CYNJ)

What year did you start flying?

Where did you learn to fly?
Skyquest Aviation

Why did you start flying?
It wasn’t something I’d wanted to do as a career when I was younger and after taking a different path I decided it was something I could do as a hobby. I was hooked after the first flight.

What airplane did you learn to fly in?

What airplane do you fly now?
C185 Amphib

What is your favorite kind of flying or place to fly to?
Remote lakes where there’s nobody else around.

What is your favorite feature on the BCGA website?
The Knowledge Bank

In a few words describe what the BCGA is to you:
A community of like minded people with one common interest

What other aviation organizations / clubs are you affiliated with?
COPA, BC Floatplane association

Do you have a business or work at a business that you would like other members to know about (Provide Name & Link):
If you’re looking for an apartment or warehouse:

What is your favorite quote?
“It is what it is”

Other interests:
Dirt biking, boating, old cars, pretty much anything with an engine

Anything else you would like to share with your fellow members:
Don’t be afraid of getting your license if you don’t already have it. Start with an intro flight and go from there. The process isn’t as daunting as you might think and the end result is certainly worth it.