New! BCGA Members Helping Members Directory

What is the BCGA Members Helping Members Directory?
The BC General Aviation Association has become a great community of aviators across British Columbia. We take your privacy very seriously and therefore have not distributed any membership lists to our members.

The MHM directory is a great way to connect with other BCGA members as you travel around the province. It is an opt-in directory meaning that you can be a member of the association and not share your information or you can choose to share with the other members and in return view the information of members that are also sharing.

Who can view the BCGA Members Helping Members Directory?
The directory is only accessible to those members that have also shared their information. Members must log-in with their individual BCGA website login information. Viewing permission will be granted when your listing is added to the directory.

What are the benefits of the directory?
There are many benefits of the directory aside from just connecting with your fellow BCGA members. Get-home-itis  is a very real phenomenon. We are hoping that by creating a directory where members can offer to host a member who may be stranded in your town due to a mechanical break down or weather we can not only build camaraderie but also encourage safe decision making by removing the pressure of needing to find accommodations. Offering to host a visiting or stranded pilot is in no way mandatory and completely optional in the directory.

How often will the directory be updated?
We will make an effort to keep the directory as current as possible. The goal is to update it weekly. You will be given login access once your information has been added to the list and it has been published in the secure section of the website.

Member who partake in the MHM directory are asked to exercise discretion and vigilance in guarding the personal information of your fellow members. At no time shall the contents of the list be shared with other members, non-members or third parties. This list shall not be used for any personal benefit other than connecting with members for non commercial purposes. We are confident that our fantastic group of members will be respectful of the MHM contents allowing us to keep this great resource available to those members that wish to partake.

Sample Listings