Pilot Input Requested Re: Garibaldi Webcam Shutdown

COPA has been approached by Nav Canada on the proposed shutdown of the Garibaldi weather cameras by the end of 2016 to make comment on this proposed shutdown. Nav Canada advises that there will be a significant cost in maintaining these cameras as the telecom company that owns the antenna is  planning to decommission the tower by the end of 2016 and have advised NAV CANADA that the cameras will have to be removed.  With this in mind please provide us with your feedback.

What  do you honestly you think of the proposed shut down?

Are the cameras that are located at site between the Whistler cameras and the Cheakamus Canyon cameras significant to safety in the area?  

Will you please provide your comments in order that we can provide COPA HQ with information that will enable them to make an informed response to NavCanada.  
Best Regards 
COPA / COPA Flight #194 (BCGA) / COPA Flight #197 (Sunshine Coast)

    Garibaldi Webcam Shutdown Feedback

    Copies of this survey will be sent to the BCGA and the BC/Yukon COPA Directors