Reply From Chilliwack Mayor Re: YCW Airport 


Thank you for your email regarding concerns about the Airport Coffee Shop. Magnum Management Inc (MMI) holds the Head Lease for the Chilliwack Airport and is solely responsible for facility management and operations.
Although we are unable to get involved in the operation of the airport, we did ask MMI for an update regarding this situation. We were told that the Airport Coffee Shop did not renew their lease by the date stipulated in their lease agreement. Their lease will expire on February 28, 2017, and MMI plans to issue an RFP to solicit proposals regarding the space. The Airport Coffee Shop has been advised they are welcome to submit a response to the RFP. If you have questions about this, we encourage you to contact MMI at [email protected].
While the City owns the municipal airport, under the lease agreement our only function is limited to assisting the airport with the acquisition or expansion of capital projects. The only way we would get involved is if MMI is in contravention of the Head Lease, which they are not.
I hope you can understand why the City can’t be involved and encourage you to contact MMI directly for more information. I would like to assure you that your business in Chilliwack is appreciated.
Warm regards,

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