Survival Survey

Survival Shakedown Okanagan Survey

Thank you for taking part in the Okanagan Survival Shakedown. It is encouraging to see our pilots be proactive in personal learning and development. Once again that you to Shaun, Dan & Philip for volunteering their time and weekend to assist us in ensuring safety and passing on their expertise!

We plan on holding these exercises at least twice a year throughout the province and we need to hear from you in order to help the course evolve and improve. Your feedback is crucial to ensuring the success of future course. Please answer the following questions honestly. All responses are anonymous.  

As you know the objective of the BCGA is to provide content and activities to our members in an affordable fashion. Membership in the BCGA is free but we count on voluntary contributions from members that feel that they are getting some kind of value from the offerings of the association. The Survival Shakedown is a net zero event for the BCGA meaning that after all costs any remaining funds from the registration fee are donated to the local search and rescue team that assisted in the exercise. With the $45 registration fee we were able to donate $200 to Central Okanagan SAR (Shaun’s time was 100% volunteer). Many would agree that $45 is very little compared to the benefit derived from the course. Moving forward we would like to compensate Shaun for this time as his knowledge and expertise are integral to the success of these exercises. This is the purpose of the last question in the survey.


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