Let future members know what you think of the BC General Aviation Association (Email: [email protected])

“Your attendance helped us increase interest and increase our numbers so I think you group contributed to our event significantly. Thanks for coming to our event!” ~ John D.

“Canada day with the BC General Aviation Association was fairly Canadian! River gravel bar hopping! – and we had a flag beside the bon fire. Are you a part of the association? You should definitely join! These guys are great!” ~ Steve

 “It’s great to see the momentum that the association in gaining!” ~ David

“You guys are doing just an outstanding job. It may not always feel like it, but I can tell you there are plenty of people out there talking about all the great work you are doing. You are helping to build (actually, you are doing more than that, but that’s another story) a community, and there isn’t anything much better a group can do.” ~ Gerald

“We have enjoyed the annual Fly-in at the Delta Heritage Air Park (Hosted by RAA85) for close to 20 years now. This year we brought along our elderly neighbour. The day was wonderful as usual topped off with the Bob Hoover movie that your association put on. Many thanks, we really enjoyed it!” ~ Karen

“Hats off to the team for a well organized and successful first BC General Aviation Association Fly-In to Gillies Bay on Texada Island. My last count was 32+ aircraft in from all over BC.” ~ Bruce

“Membership has its benefits!” ~ Dave

“Welcome everyone! This group is an awesome group and the BCGA is an awesome organization with lots of cool resources. Just a quick remember to members new and old that BCGA is free to join but still needs money to do cool stuff.  Donate what you can and we can make this the best aviation group in Canada if we aren’t already” ~ Travis

“You guys are doing the best job of any organization in GA I have ever seen!!!” ~
John V.

Thank you for your service, looking forward to flying BC this year. The members and their post are valuable information.” ~ Wendell

“Thanks for everything you and the crew to have this website and emails that go out. That is a lot of work, people like you make all the difference in how we move one more step to being a great group.” ~ James

 I love the community spirit here. Seemingly, no-one cares what you fly, be it ultralight weekend warrior or airline captain with a sneaky Cherokee hangared for days off. ~ Alex