Thank You To Those Members That Donate to BCGA!

We would like to take a moment to give a special thanks those members that take the time to make contributions to the BCGA. 

The BCGA was founded on the idea that aviation has enough expenses and that as an organization it  is up to us to prove our value to you the member, and earn your contributions. A few of the reasons for this model include:

1. Accessibility to all: By adopting this model we are accessible to all pilots regardless of life circumstances or financial position. We are able to include prospective pilots, student pilots and experienced pilots with no risk to the member. 

2. Non-Compete with Flying Clubs & COPA: As an organization that supports and promotes General Aviation we are firm believers that all pilots should be members of both their local flying club and COPA. Being active, and supporting aviation at a local, provincial and federal level makes us stronger as an organization and aviation community. By having a voluntary contribution model we do not compete with the local clubs or COPA and enjoy an excellent working relationship with other organizations. 

3. We work hard to prove value: The voluntary contribution model keeps us on our toes and forces us to come up with new an innovative ideas to keep things fresh and progressive within the organization. Instead of resting on membership dues we work hard to create excitement and give the members a reason to want to contribute. 

Members That Contribute
We exist thanks to the generosity of our members. Some of our contributors do so on a regular basis and without much fanfare and for that we are grateful. Contributions can be in any amount that a member feels comfortable with and is by no means required or mandatory. The last thing we want is for you to contribute out of a sense of obligation. We want you to feel good about where your hard earned money is going.

Ways To Contribute
There are many ways to contribute to the BCGA. Some of the most common are:
1. Occasional one off donations made by PayPal or email transfer to [email protected]
2. Some members have set up small recurring monthly contributions through Paypal or Interac.
3. Some members have offered benefits through their businesses for BCGA members.
4. Some members have provided valuable pro-bono services to the BCGA.

We believe in 100% transparency. In order to accomplish this we publish a weekly running spreadsheet in the members section of the website called BCGA Dollars & Cents where any member can view all contributions and expenses. We are always happy to explain the contents of the spreadsheet.

BCGA Member Donation Summary Since Inception

Total BCGA Members
Members That Donated
Total Member Contributions
​(Sep1 – Dec 31)
(Dec 1 – Jul 31)

We are a growing organization that operates modestly from voluntary contributions and will continue to offer free membership as long as contributions continue to cover expenses. That said, we appreciate those members that have made contributions and encourage others that are in a position to do so to consider the BCGA as a worthy beneficiary of a small contribution when and if the time is right. 

Thank you for your Consideration:
Your Volunteer BCGA Leadership Group;
Ryan, Ken, Rick, Ben, Brodie, Rob, Travis & Arthur

For Interac E-Transfer Please use: [email protected]