The BC General Aviation Association is a diverse community of aviators and other interesting people for whom aviation is an important part of their lives. The BCGA Featured Members Page is a way for us to get to know the individuals that make our community what it is. The featured members page is being launched on January 15th and will start with 5-10 member profiles. After the initial launch we will endeavor to feature a different member every week.

Instagram Name (If Applicable):
@m5_trev and @alphaalphafoxtrot

What is your occupation?
Automotive Industry

What is your home airport? 
CYLW Kelowna BC

What year did you start flying?

Where did you learn to fly?
Air Hart Aviation

Why did you start flying?
I was born and raised around airplanes. I took my first flight at 8 months of age, and took the controls of my Dad’s Mooney at the time when I was 5. As long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to fly. My Dad always had fast airplanes growing up, Mooney M20F, Mooney 305 Rocket, and now a Lancair IV-P. If I did not have aviation in my life, I wouldn’t be the happy person I am today.

What airplane did you learn to fly in?
Cessna 172, Cessna 152, and Cessna 180 on floats

What airplane do you fly now?
Glasair Sportsman C-GAAF

What is your favorite kind of flying or place to fly to?
I think we are blessed living in BC, we have the most amazing country in the world that aviators all over the world dream of coming to. I would say the Okanagan Valley, and the coast of BC is my favourite place to fly.

What is your favorite feature on the BCGA website?
Everything! I love the website and community

In a few words describe what the BCGA is to you:
A place where Aviators all over BC can get together and share the common interests of Aviation.

What other aviation organizations / clubs are you affiliated with?
Lancair Owners and Builders, Glasair Training, Mooney Pilots, EAA, AOPA, COPA, Performance One Aviation, RDD Enterprises, and Havoc Air Racing.

What is your favorite quote?
You Only Live Once

Other interests:

Anything else you would like to share with your fellow members:
Flying is a very special thing we get to do, but knowledge about flying is key to keeping ourselves safe. Don’t push you’re limits and know what you’re limits are because that will in return keep all of us fellow aviators safe.