Update on Aidan Charles’ Flight Accross Canada For Hope Air

Last year we announced that BCGA Member and scholarship winner Aidan Charles would be flying across Canada in an ultralight aircraft to raise money for Hope Air. 

At the beginning of last summer a decision was made to postpone the flight to this summer to allow more time for planning and aircraft preparation. Since last summer Aidan (17 years old) who aims to have a career in as a commercial pilot has started working for a local airline as a ramp lead as a first step to reaching his flying goals. 

We support Aidan’s difficult decision to abandon his cross Canada flight in order to focus on his career aspirations. Aidian has donated the $660 that he had raised for his flight to Give Hope Wings which is in its final stages of circumnavigating North and South America to raise money for Hope Air. Give Hope Wings is lead by BCGA director David McElroy and we are glad that despite Adian not flying across Canada the money has gone to the worthwhile charity for which it was raised. 

We wish Aidan luck in his career and look forward to flying across Canada with him at the helm of an Airbus or Boeing some day.