Vancouver VTA Map Consultation

Preparations are underway by NavCanada to publish the 42nd Edition of the Vancouver VFR Terminal Navigation Chart (VTA).

There are several BCGA members that are NavCanada employees. As NavCanada employees we have been asked to provide our input as to changes that we would like to see on the VTA chart to make it more user friendly.

This has provided us with a unique opportunity to enable our members to provide their input. We will take your input and as the BCGA pass it on to the appropriate people at NavCanada.

We are not looking for input on changes to the airspace, addition of airspace or removal of airspace etc…. What we are looking for is specific suggestions as to how specific items or airspaces could be better depicted to enhance the usability of the chart. The powers that be are aware that it is a cluttered and often difficult to read chart which is why we as the BCGA are asking for your input so that we can try and make it better for everyone.

Please submit any specific suggestions to and we will submit a package of member suggestions to NavCanada. This is a great opportunity to have a say and have your voice heard and is just another example of how the BCGA is working to enhance general aviation in BC.

This is not the place to submit complaints about Nav Canada. If you have any specific issues with the service that you receive, positive or negative you should send your feedback to: