When Is The Next Big BCGA Fly-Out?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “When is the next big BCGA Fly-Out?”

There is no easy answer to this question because every good weather day with or without an organized event is potentially a BCGA fly-out day. 

What is a BCGA Flyout?
A BCGA flyout is anytime two or more BCGA members get together to fly somewhere. They can fly together or separately to the chosen destination. Sometimes it is nice just to fly with a few close friends and sometimes you might want to use tools like the BC General Aviation Facebook Page to broadcast your intentions in hopes that other members join in and or meet you there. 

Just recently one member posted their intention to fly to Pemberton for lunch the evening before the flight and was met there by 10 other members. We call these impromptu fly-outs. 

Who Can Organize a BCGA Fly-Out?
Fly-outs can be organized by any individual or club. All it takes is someone to invite others along to a destination. We encourage everyone to partake in organizing impromptu flyouts or flyouts with a little bit more notice. The BCGA is behind you 100% and will promote any aviation events or fly-outs with hopes that we can get people together doing what we all love most. As an organization we thrive on the initiative, excitement and motivation of our members.

Delta Heritage Airpark Fly-In July 2nd 2016
Every fly-in and aviation event in the province is important. This year we would like to make an extra effort to get as many BCGA members out to the Delta Heritage Airpark fly-in on July 2nd 2016 as possible. This is a very special location as it is one of the last remaining grass airstrips that we have left in relatively close proximity to the city. We have committed to support this event 100% and will have a display set up as well. We are currently working on some details but we hope to announce a special event/presentation that will happen at Delta Airpark Fly-in in the coming days. 

The last “official” BCGA event at Texada/Gillies Bay in March saw over 40 aircraft in attendance we hope that you will join us in supporting the Delta Airpark Fly-in all in an effort to further General Aviation in BC. Not to mention, surpassing 40 BCGA aircraft in attendance would be pretty neat as well!