BCGA Member Update July 20, 2016

Dear Members,

Despite the mixed weather it has been a great start to the summer season for the BC General Aviation Association!

Recent Events
The BCGA has recently been invited to events at the Delta Heritage Airpark, Abbotsford Flying Club and the BC Floatplane Association’s AGM. Thanks to these events we have seen a spike in membership numbers and are approaching the 500 mark. 

The membership of the association is truly inspiring! We are motivated by all the feedback that you give and by the incredible level of engagement that you have shown. Together with your input we can continue to make great strides in creating a truly great organization.

Website Update
We are continually updating the website and adding features and resources. One of the new features that you may notice is the inclusion of comment boxes on many of the pages as well as an exclusive Member Message Board in the password protected member’s section. Please use these boards to communicate. Your comments will appear in real time on the website as you post comments. 

October Survival Shakedown
We are still working on details for the Survival Shakedown for the beginning of October. We are organizing some guest speakers to join us an talk about several survival topics ranging from first aid to building a shelter and survival psychology. For more information on this event CLICK HERE. If it is a success, we hope to offer the same event every Fall and Spring.

First Annual General Meeting
The first general meeting of the BCGA will be held on Thursday August 25th. For more information and to submit agenda items please CLICK HERE. There will be options to attend in person or online for those of you that are not close to the meeting location at the Abbotsford Flying Club. 

*Note: The Aero Club of BC generously offered their clubhouse as well but we have chosen the Abbotsford Clubhouse due to its enhanced internet speed to enable us to broadcast the meeting live to members outside of the immediate area. Thanks to both clubs for there hospitality!*